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Link to better basic bodysuit instructions (update of site in progress...)

Video sequence of making a zipless catsuit

Catsuit, unitard, bodysuit, surfsuit, skinsuit - all terms that relate to a form-fitting one-piece garment that reaches from shoulder to leg, usually extending to ankles and wrists. For the full experience, Zentai suits have gloves, socks, and a hood too, to cover everything! There are practical and aesthetic reasons for wearing bodysuits - from the protection against UV light afforded by surfsuits to the ease of movement and beauty of a dancer in a unitard - but for myself, I find gloveless hoodless catsuits entertaining in themselves and pleasantly comfortable for lounging and pyjamas.

How to make your own custom-fit catsuit: The simple process starts with measuring your body to create a paper pattern and finishes with a wearable garment. Each section covers drafting one or more patterns for different versions of the parts of the unitard, together with the sewing instructions. You should complete the drafting process entirely before you start sewing the garment. The sewing instructions will give a sensible order of construction.

Everyone makes mistakes - that's how we learn - so buy twice the cloth you need (perhaps something cheaper, but with the same stretch).

If you're making a bodysuit as the foundation of a mascot-style costume, a four-panel or gusset-leg suit with a front or back zip will probably be best.

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