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If the glove is completely attached to the sleeve, you will have to remove at least half the suit to use your hands for eating or anything requiring a good sense of touch. Wrist escapes are openings through which you can slide your hand, having drawn it from the glove into the sleeve.


  1. Draft a normal joint glove/sleeve pattern.
  2. Draft a rectangle about two and a half inches high and the width of the sleeve across.
  3. Just below the wrist, cut across the front to the centre line, and then along the centre line to make the cut T-shaped. The T should be about an inch across the top, total: broad enough to be able to turn the elbow side as a finished seam, and to attach the rectangle to the hand side.


  1. Fold the edge of the elbow-side flap and sew over.
  2. Fold the edge of the rectangle and sew over.
  3. Sew the rectangle to the hand-side flap, either wrong side to right side using a flat stretch stitch like zig-zag that catches the loose edges (best option for velvet), or right sides together with any stretch stitch (best option for thin fabric).
  4. With the right sides of the sleeve together, and the rectangle on top of both, sew along the centre fold, closing the T cut and fixing the rectangle to the sleeve.
  5. Incorporate the final edge of the rectangle when closing the sleeve seam.

You can also make this by cutting a separate front piece for the glove, the back piece still part of the sleeve, and making the front piece long enough to incorporate the extra rectangle.


(thumb protruding from wrist escape)
(hand through wrist escape)

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