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Socks are such a simple option that it's almost easier to make a suit with socks than without!

What to do

If you haven't already made a standard suit you should at least familiarise yourself with the instructions for it, or this page will make little sense.


Plot your measurements

  1. Trivial sock: For the simplest sock, just continue the ankle for the length of the foot, with curves as shown for the toes, but don't bother with the heel. Sew around and up the leg.
  1. Sock with heel: If you want a heel, cut along the centre line to the heel line (half way between ankle and heel-stops), and along the heel line to the centre line as shown.
  2. Add rectangular pieces to the cut heel-line edges (shown red in photo) to extend the sole piece to the ankle line, and to extend the body piece to the mid-foot line.
  3. Round the corners off with quarter-circles.
  1. Sock with toes: If you want toes in your sock, it'll be much like making a glove, except that unlike the thumb, the big toe doesn't need to be treated differently to the other toes.
  2. You can either make the sock toeless, then turn it inside-out and use a normal sewing machine to sew narrow U-shapes down between the toes, and cut down the U shapes to the tip (much as with the glove); or
  3. you can cut the U shapes, and take the trouble to sew gussets into between the toes, as with the Classic glove pattern. This will give a better fit.


  1. Sew the heel: sew the sole to the corresponding leg by putting the heel halves (the red bits) right-sides together, and sewing just from the heel line to heel line (green line).
  2. Sew the leg seam: Fold the leg over, align the toes, and try to pull the heel's seam perpendicular while sewing over it.
  3. Start sewing about an inch higher than the heel along the folded edge (blob at the start of the red line), down around the toes, then up the inside leg and back down the other side.

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