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Club Lyfestile and Vaudevillains

Hey, I'm a member of a DIY dance squad called Club Lyfestile. We've been together for ~4 years, and from very early on we've been making our own costumes. I'm the main costume designer, and yours was the first as well as the most helpful the most helpful site i've ever been to for making "catsuits", or onesies as we call them here. But I want to tell you about something else too... the onesie craze has really caught on here in Philadelphia, where we're based. There's a group of artists who, in fondness of our dance squad, created a brigade for the yearly Mummer's New Year Parade local to Philadelphia. They're called the Vaudevillains, and you can look them, and us, up on the interwebs. I taught them how to make these onesies based on the things I've learned from your website and my own experience... and now generally about 50+ people walk up the main drag of Philadelphia every New Year's Day in onesies, as well as the 10-15 people touring the country doing dance performances in clubs, parks, warehouses or wherever people can fit us.

All that winding info of goodness being said... THANKS, you're site rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers, Dave Laverdure


Lem's made a PVC zipless zentai, and it looks snakey to me!
Pictures: 1 2


The more unusual requests are mostly arts-related: things like asking how to make conjoined suits (where two people wear a two-person suit, joined at the belly, say). This piece is entitled 'Birth', and is part of Arts3306: Birth: still (part one) and Birth: still (part two).

AD Hunt

AD Hunt found inspiration in some of the images of my own catsuits, something I was particularly pleased with since one of my interests with the suits is the interplay of light on the shapes of the musculature, something he's particularly captured in 'Super-Naturalist'.

His site www.adhunt.ca features these pictures: Incommunicado, The Neighbourhood, Super-Naturalist, amongst others.

BooBoo's Victoria Costume

Julie turned her daughter into a cat for Hallowe'en with this single-panel back-zip unitard and fuzzy accessories. She seems like a happy cat, distinctly reminiscent of the eponymous musical. Next step: facepaints!

Thanks to Julie for letting me have a copy of this photo. Her site also covers her son's Hulk costume.


Mark describes himself as a beginner sewer, but he managed to make these rather snazzy red shiny leggings - the lower half of a one-panel suit. (I wish I was as thin as him. :)

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