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Of course, you're welcome to link here. If you want a graphic, I quite like this one:

Here are versions with grey (7k), white (7k), and transparent (40k) backgrounds.


And in no particular order...



Pattern Making for Fashion Design Helen Joseph-Armstrong A book about drafting patterns. Mostly women's wear. Starts from more conventional measurements than my 'lots of circumferences' system, so things are likely to fit better where the body is asymmetric. There's plenty on basic pattern design, and 70 pages on stretch fabrics (sportswear and swimwear). I have the third edition, but I'm told the second edition had more about stretch.
Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing A general book on sewing. Not much specific detail on stretch fabrics, but covers various techniques, some of which you may find useful to adapt for your garments - use of hook-and-eye closures, laces, etc. Also covers home furnishing techniques, and haven't you always wanted a lycra pillow and pillow case?
Kwik-Sew's Swim & Action Wear Kerstin Martensson Basically a lot of swimsuit patterns with instructions and suggestions, but done up like a book. Pretty good for someone wanting to make women's swimsuits, quite useful for me to see how such things go together. I like the lady in the white outfit with the orange stripe down her sides, but I honestly didn't buy it just for the pictures. :)
Designing Patterns (a fresh approach to pattern cutting) Hilary Campbell Seems like a pretty good basic book, with plenty of diagrams. Several collar styles, the sleeve styles, etc. It has some geometry describing a basic garment block based on measurements, but I'm suspicious of it: the first instruction tells you to base it on an `averaged measure', which just seems downright hokey. I keep meaning to write to the author and ask about it. This book helped me understand how set-in sleeves curves work.
Pattern Designing for Swimwear Stuart and Bernadette Anderson A superb website. Very clear, very informative, and something I'll look at carefully once I'm fed up making mistakes. (Currently, my mistakes are quite entertaining to me.) I particularly like the 'Helen' swimsuit made from gold lycra. Mr Anderson is a lucky lucky man. Sadly, the swimsuit patterns section that's so very useful is down, but there's a contact address for Mr Anderson at the site which is there now. He may be willing to make the pages available on polite request.

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